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Membership Info

Membership Information

Dear Prospective TBS Member,

We are delighted that you are considering joining Temple Beth Sholom!  We hope you feel at home within our congregational family. In it, we hope you find a place to grow, learn and nourish your spiritual soul. 

We offer a diverse range of communal programs and we look forward to helping you find your unique place within the fabric of our congregation.  Come to services, study and attend our special events, after all, this is what we are all about.

Membership is granted on a per household basis, and each adult (over 18) member is granted one vote in congregational matters.  Each household must have at least one Jewish member, and if you have any questions about your Jewish status, please consult with our Rabbi

When you join, we ask that you make an annual mitzvah pledge in accordance to what you feel you can.  We encourage you to consult our suggested pledge categories Please do not let your personal financial situation dissuade you from joining.  No one is ever turned away due to lack of funds.
 You are certainly welcome to pledge a higher amount.  Consider any excess pledged a subsidy to those families in need.  For comparison purposes, temples with "fair share dues" typically ask for 1.7-2% of household income.
Of course, membership is not only based on finances, but also on the quality of your participation. If you are looking to get involved right away, please contact one of our co-Presidents or a board member, regarding our various volunteer opportunities.

There are many threads within our fabric, and we welcome you to become one of them in all aspects of the running of the Temple.  With the contribution of your special talents, knowledge and skills we can all work together towards our common goals of mitzvah and community.

If you have any questions or you have special needs, please ask. 

Baruch Habah/Brucha Haba'ah!       Welcome!

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